December 3, 2015

Noraxon Analysis Lab


As a scientific specialty shoe provider, Traxx utilizes Noraxon multi-device biomechanical analysis software + fully synchronized hardware. Traxx is one of the few shoes stores in the world that offers this computerized clinical Gait Analysis.

By observing customer’s gait and stride visually, associates are able to identify pronation and supination, arch height, and other foot tendencies. The Noraxon myoPRESSURE treadmill and 2D/3D myoVIDEO monitoring is able to analyze body movements, gait parameters, pressure distribution, and neuromuscular activity. All of the collected data is projected on a TV monitor and computer screen where accurate patterns, separation of footsteps, coordination, energy conservation, real-time gait, external forces, motor control, joint movement, muscle activity, mechanical and metabolic efficiency, and shock absorption is calculated.

With all of this in mind, Traxx associates can not only assist participants in finding the best shoe for their feet, but also utilize the information collected through Noraxon myoRESEARCH technology to inform customers of ways they can improve their walking or running performance and relieve discomfort.

Take advantage of this rare technology that will allow you to find the best shoe for your foot type, ways to lesson discomfort, and improve your walking and running movements. Feel free to utilize the contact form located below to inform us of your interest and we will contact you with scheduling details.

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