March 6th – Newton Demo Run

Newton Running and Traxx are hosting a Demo Run for the community!
Join us at Traxx on March 6th at 5:15pm for a Demo Run featuring Newton Running shoes. Have you ever wanted to experience the 5 lug platform, low-drop, and Action/Reaction technology of Newton Running shoes? Here is your chance!
If you already rock the brand, come try out a new style! FOR FREE.
There will be a full line of sizes available in the Fate II, Kismet II, Motion V, and Gravity VI styles.

      Men’s Fate II and Kismet II


      Women’s Fate II & Kismet II


Participants will select a pair of shoes in their size and take them for a run at the distance and pace of their choice. Some good feedback is also encouraged.

Runners and walkers at all pace levels are welcome to attend!
If you have any questions feel free to email, or call (336)755-2032.

Click the Facebook Event button below to let us know you’re planning to attend!

Share the love. One foot at a time.