December 5, 2015

In the Community

  • Running Mount Airy
    Running Mount Airy
  • Bridgette's Belief 5k
    Bridgette's Belief 5k
  • Demo Run
    Demo Run
  • 2017 Miles in 2017 Challenge
    2017 Miles in 2017 Challenge
  • Altra Demo
    Altra Demo



Traxx makes it a priority to assist the community in any way possible. Whether it is by supplying the best pair of shoes for every customer’s feet to maximize comfort and performance or relieve pain, offering the most high quality athletic shoes, apparel manufactured close to home, and accessories, utilizing advanced technology designed to aid participants, or simply providing a smile and excellent customer service. Efforts to help and be involved with the community are not only within the store, but also outside of business hours.

Traxx is located adjacent to Mount Airy, North Carolina’s well-traveled Highway 52 and the Emily B. Taylor Greenway. This Greenway is a multi-purpose paved trail that is also connected to the Ararat River Greenway which extends a whole 6 miles. This trail continues to be one of the most utilized park facilities for local running events, or anyone who enjoys running, walking, and cycling. A stairway leading from the Traxx parking lot is located directly next to the greenway and both the parking lot and stairs are available for the public’s use.


Many local running and athletic events are held in the area frequently throughout the year. Attending, supporting, and promoting these events is an important task for those at Traxx. Currently, Traxx is making it a priority to be involved with these community events and has become a go-to facility where participants can sign up and receive their event packets. For most of the local running events Traxx will sponsor a contest for participants to enter-to-win awesome prizes! Traxx also periodically hosts running workshops for community members to improve their technique, learn more about running, and learn about living healthy.

Stay Up-To-Date with Community Events Here and learn more details about how you can be involved too!

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